Asylum Artists presents “Meet Your Maker”

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Meet Your Maker is a mini documentary featuring acoustic/electric luthier Joseph Yanuziello. The crew of Asylum Artists filmed Joe during the process of hand building of of his electric guitars in his Toronto workshop. The film features a live recording of guitar greats, Don Rooke and Kevin Breit playing a version of Rooke’s composition “Pool Jumper” on their Yanuziello resophonic guitars.

Brampton Transit Züm – All About ü

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Shot with the Canon 5D MKII, and Nikon Primes; Asylum took a ‘guerrilla’ approach to shooting this online video. We aimed for as close to a cinematic quality of a big budget tv spot, and tried to do this with an online/digital budget.

The Züm brand video highlights the life of Brampton’s citizens as they travel through the city. It follows the theme:

ü are Brampton. And Züm is for ü. It’s all about ü.