Ecuador 2012

I have traveled to more that 60 countries in the world and I have to say that there is no other place on earth quite like Ecuador.

With more than 170 active volcanoes, its steamy jungles and the peaks of the Andes Mountains it is totally unique. Not to forget the Galapagos Islands, there is truly something for everyone in this tiny country that startles the equator. Great rates, excellent food and one of the friendliest people anywhere, I’m going back to explore more. Stay tuned, I will be posting those photo’s too.


Ecuador 2012



Marketing Magazine Interview

If didn’t see this on YouTube you missed the viral video of the week, at least among the Toronto ad community.

A freelance art director, pushed to, then beyond his limits by an untenable schedule and an unreasonable account person, loses his cool and tries to kill the messenger by trashing his laptop. At least that’s the way it appeared to play out to the unsuspecting audience of co-workers at Toronto ad agency, Red Lion Solutions.

With a little help from agency president, Brett Channer, who worked with Asylum president, Don Dixon to stage the event, the art director (an actor) demonstrated the logistical challenges that creative people face on a regular basis – frustratingly tight budgets and sometimes impossible timelines.

It was the first phase in a campaign designed to identify the advantages of working with the multidisciplinary, digital production studio, Asylum Artists.

Offering still, motion, CG and 3D imaging, motion graphics and post production editing, all under one roof, Asylum delivers efficiencies that most studios can’t. This comes as good news to art directors, writers, creative directors and producers who regularly find themselves on the verge of “losing it”.

The follow up to the video is a print ad in Applied Arts, featuring the same art director, in delicto flagrante. Only in this case Asylum commiserates with the creative community while reminding it that by working with them, many of these frustrations are easily overcome.

Martin Short Screening

One of Canada’s greatest comedy treasures, Martin Short, paid a visit to The Second City on Mercer St. on Tuesday night to reconnect with his family, the family who helped create the CBC comedy special I, Martin Short, Goes Home, which he shot in Hamilton last summer. Don and Shereen had the awesome opportunity of doing the stills for this production.




New Orleans Jazz Safari!

New Orleans, lives on large after Katrina. Music is the life blood of the city and everywhere you go the infectious beat of optimism prevails.

The food is phenomenal and that combined with a live every moment  attitude of the locals make you feel like you have just arrived home after an extended hiatus.


Budweiser Showdown Facebook App – Case Study

Budweiser Showdown Thumbnails

[vimeo clip_id=”21161060″ width=”600″ height=””]

Budweiser has a new partnership with the NHL® and wanted to launch it in a big way.

Enter the 2011 Tim Horton’s NHL Heritage Classic.

This epic outdoor hockey game gave Budweiser a perfect and authentic platform to build awareness and carve out a place in the hearts and minds of Canadian Hockey fans.

Agency: Grip Limited

Production Company: Asylum Artists