Proximity @ The Asylum Studio

Today we were working on an interactive production with Proximity. After a great morning of shooting, and some beautiful footage. We sat down and had a nice Italian meal before wrapping for the day. Nothing better than some fun and food.

My apologies to our Post Production Supervisor/ Sr. Editor Chris Reesor, I was so excited to get back to my plate. I didn’t frame him correctly. 1,2,3, CHEESE!

New Site Intro and Reel

If you haven’t been there yet, check out, we just updated our site’s intro and put up a show reel for 2010. A youtube link to the reel below.

[vimeo clip_id=”20760965″ width=”600″ height=””]

Another Day in the Park – Wirecam Tests

Scott went out to a local Toronto park to test out the wirecam for an upcoming commercial shoot. Using the Canon 5d MKII, we setup a 150ft wire extension to get the look of a dolly, without the hassle of laying down track and levelling. A video after the break. Also check out the demo reel for the tricking artist Jonny Caines

[youtube clip_id=”D4WYj0zpqk4″]

[youtube clip_id=”MnJn23VLQ_4″]