Cambodia Part 1

Saigon, last Thursday 3:00am, it was pouring. I’d never seen rain like it. I wasn’t sure if my plane could even leave the ground. But, in spite of the building typhoon, a flood of scooters were splashing their way between cars as my driver weaved his way to the airport. 28 hrs later I fell through the doorway, I was home.

Only one more trip to the chiropractor and I will have recovered the full rotation in my neck. I’ve just about shaken off the jet lag, I’m back.
Here are just a few photos from the trip.


Ecuador 2012

I have traveled to more that 60 countries in the world and I have to say that there is no other place on earth quite like Ecuador.

With more than 170 active volcanoes, its steamy jungles and the peaks of the Andes Mountains it is totally unique. Not to forget the Galapagos Islands, there is truly something for everyone in this tiny country that startles the equator. Great rates, excellent food and one of the friendliest people anywhere, I’m going back to explore more. Stay tuned, I will be posting those photo’s too.


Ecuador 2012