Budweiser Showdown Facebook App – Case Study

Budweiser Showdown Thumbnails

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Budweiser has a new partnership with the NHL® and wanted to launch it in a big way.

Enter the 2011 Tim Horton’s NHL Heritage Classic.

This epic outdoor hockey game gave Budweiser a perfect and authentic platform to build awareness and carve out a place in the hearts and minds of Canadian Hockey fans.

Agency: Grip Limited

Production Company: Asylum Artists

Tangent Devices’ vWave App for the iPad

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I did a little walk through of the Tangent Devices vWave App, so people can see the virtual control service Tangent has created, and how it integrates with Apple Color. The idea of a virtual Color Console has been nagging at me for some time, I was about to purchase the App SDK, and the Apple Color SDK, just so I could figure out how to do it myself. Luckily Tangent beat me to it, and used they’re own plugins within Apple Color to properly take controls of the primary in tab. This is an awesome App, and I think you should check it out. You will also have to download this for your MAC to communicate with the App.  Tangent 3.8 Plugin As much as I enjoyed the experience, it still doesn’t compare to that of an actual tangent device the ‘Wave’.



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AsylumArtists.com presents Archie Alleyne and The EOJ Ensemble @ Asylum Studio

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On December 2nd,2010 Asylum Artists held a Jazz night with Toronto Jazz Legend Archie Alleyne and his Evolution of Jazz Ensemble. Over the fall months we were busy producing, and developing a website for the Archie Alleyne Scholarship Fund (AASF). Through our efforts with the website, social media, and the jazz night we were able to help raise over $7000 for the fund, and help more underprivileged youth find a voice in the music community, and get the proper training that they need to get into post-secondary and to find their place in the world of music.

If you would like to help contribute to the fund visit www.aasf.ca for more information. Special thanks to all of our sponsors.

Proximity @ The Asylum Studio

Today we were working on an interactive production with Proximity. After a great morning of shooting, and some beautiful footage. We sat down and had a nice Italian meal before wrapping for the day. Nothing better than some fun and food.

My apologies to our Post Production Supervisor/ Sr. Editor Chris Reesor, I was so excited to get back to my plate. I didn’t frame him correctly. 1,2,3, CHEESE!

New Site Intro and Reel

If you haven’t been there yet, check out www.AsylumArtists.com, we just updated our site’s intro and put up a show reel for 2010. A youtube link to the reel below.

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Certified General Accountants (CGA) – Walk and Talk Steadicam

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This was one of the latest projects we have completed for Grip Limited. It involved a walk and talk scene through the U of T campus. We used a Steadicam rig with the Sony EX1 to achieve this scene.

Evolution of Jazz Ensemble – Asylum Artists Studio Rehearsal

Archie Alleyne

Archie Alleyne and ‘Evolution of Jazz Ensemble’ were at the studio earlier this week, and were rehearsing for the December 2nd launch party of the Archie Alleyne Scholarship Fund. This event will commence the launch of the AASF (Archie Alleyne Scholarship Fund) website, which Asylum Artists has been working on for the past two months. The fund helps to enable young musicians to get an education in music, and help introduce them to the music community and help to retain the heritage and history of Jazz music in Toronto. If your interested in coming to the AASF launch party at Asylum Artists Studio @ 100 Carlaw Ave, Toronto, ON, contact mail@asylumartists.com for more details tickets will be $100, all proceeds will be going to the AASF.

EOJ Ensemble Rehearsal Video

“Without the Past… There is No Future.”

Stringed Instruments Product Shoot

Resophonic Guitar

Resophonic Guitar Video Link

The studio has been working on a production about Toronto luthier Joe Yanuziello. Earlier this week Joe brought in his collection of stringed instruments for a product shoot. It was a pleasure to capture images of such beautiful works of art. Check out Joe’s website to view some of his other creations.


B2Pro Briese Modified HMI 2.5k

[youtube clip_id=”ZQyJNS4XERQ”]

While visiting New York in July, the guys at B2Pro New York were kind enough to have me into their space and check out they’re incredible set of lights and parabolic reflectors. I was dying to see the lights and the throw of the light and how it wrapped around the face and objects. Unfortunately I was shooting with a point and shoot camera so the quality sucks, but the quality and durability of these lights is hard to compare to.

B2Pro has modded the lights for the production environment, so it’s great for location, and studio.

The only thing I found is that you need a joy box for lights over 2.5k, and the HMI’s have a low buzz to them not uncommon with that form of light. So your audio guy should be aware of that ahead of time. The tungsten versions have a fan that can also be quite hard for audio, but B2pro has a remote to turn it off for when a take is happening.

Can’t get enough of these lights, beautiful quality of light just like a Elinchrom. Will be really interested to see what B2Pro and RED have up their sleeve. Definitely will change the still/motion shooter market. If your trying to be a still/motion shooter I highly suggest working with these lights.