B2Pro Briese Modified HMI 2.5k

[youtube clip_id=”ZQyJNS4XERQ”]

While visiting New York in July, the guys at B2Pro New York were kind enough to have me into their space and check out they’re incredible set of lights and parabolic reflectors. I was dying to see the lights and the throw of the light and how it wrapped around the face and objects. Unfortunately I was shooting with a point and shoot camera so the quality sucks, but the quality and durability of these lights is hard to compare to.

B2Pro has modded the lights for the production environment, so it’s great for location, and studio.

The only thing I found is that you need a joy box for lights over 2.5k, and the HMI’s have a low buzz to them not uncommon with that form of light. So your audio guy should be aware of that ahead of time. The tungsten versions have a fan that can also be quite hard for audio, but B2pro has a remote to turn it off for when a take is happening.

Can’t get enough of these lights, beautiful quality of light just like a Elinchrom. Will be really interested to see what B2Pro and RED have up their sleeve. Definitely will change the still/motion shooter market. If your trying to be a still/motion shooter I highly suggest working with these lights.